Mengetahui saja belum cukup, kita harus bertindak. Sekedar inginpun belum cukup, kita harus melaksanakan

Tips for Increase Blog Traffic

How to increase traffic blog or web can be easily spelled, but many also say that difficult.  And also how to improve  sulumits retsambew SEO contes is not easy. Hits so keywords, traffic that is why so important for our blog and site. Thousands and even millions of sites and blogs so our competitors. Every second, minute, day and writing and to grow a new site on the internet. Moreover, if your site or blog so city business event, ready-prepared to compete. Such as news writing, writing a decent fit is not haphazard. Not all published during any posts do not meet the criteria of taste and the media, especially in the blog or a site that more and more readers.

I have several alternatives to increase blog traffic, among others:

1. The contents have value selling
Nilai jual bukan asal-asalan, tetapi isi yang berisi, isi dibutuhkan banyak orang. Blogs or sites have power and appeal gugah extraordinary. In our tradition this is not normal. But in the climate out there so the idea needs melee. Look at sites that peddle any posts, the quality of writers need.
2. Content is strange
Fill in the odd reference material is also so, so impressed that something that is not normal.
3.  Sensational Content
Weird indeed in this we. Content is strange that the provocative content, may violate the ethical boundaries, may be excessive and sesutau hyperbola.
4. Sell Free Information
A free (free of charge), usually the person searched, among others, is the “Free Download“, “Free e-book“, “free MP3“, etc..

And I support Sulumits Retsambew to win the SEO contest


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3 Responses

  1. abrari says:

    Ehm, sedikit koreksi.
    Judulnya seharusnya “Tips to increase blog traffic”. Pake “to” bukan “for”.
    Kalo emang mau pake “for”, jadinya “Tips for increasing blog traffic”.

  2. Wongbagoes says:

    @abrari: Ok, nuhun koreksinya..

  3. donvitoanggreyanto says:

    A little correction, there is a sentence that written in Indonesian. is that on purpose?


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